Diamond Touch Detailing

Car Wash Toronto

Do you want your car to be clean and sparkling? How about a Toronto car wash service that will do that in a way that will also preserve its shine for a long time? Our crew of professionals at Diamond Touch Detailing will pamper your car in and out, using the finest cleaning cloths, best cleaning agents and most importantly and gentle care.

Toronto Car Wash ServicesWe begin with hand cleaning of both the exterior and interior of the car, taking the time to reach into far corners and remove every single speck of dust or dirt. Then we proceed to vacuum all seats, carpets and trunk, removing seat covers and aerating the entire interior. In combination our fresh smelling cleaning agents, it will literally breathe new life into your car and make it a real pleasure to drive.

After the car is vacuumed and cleaned inside and out, we will give our special treatment to the windows. As an expert Toronto car and auto wash crew, we know how important windows are. Every little smudge is a real eyesore, when it comes to glass. Not to worry! Also hand washed gently but thoroughly, we will make sure your car’s windows will be absolutely flawless and sparkle so as to look like new.

We then finish the car spa treatment with a soothing touch of hand wax and scratch removal if needed, and buff up the shine of the rims, which were hand washed in advance, of course. When you get the car back from us, it will feel like a breath of fresh air on a hot day and you will feel fantastic!

As an expert Toronto car and auto wash, while the approach to your car is individual, our service is streamlined and efficient, so that you don’t have to wait for long. You can book an appointment, or just stop by and leave the car with us and go to a meeting or a lunch. It will be shiny, fresh and happy to see you before you know it!

We also do car detailing, large vehicles and vintage/antique car wash. Contact us for prices, deals or just drive over and see the magic happen with your own eyes.

Also, visit our gallery to see how we do our job!