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Car Detailing Toronto

At Diamond Touch Detailing we believe that any car should be detailed every so often as a general practice to retain its gleam and general healthy cosmetic condition. A regular car wash is an important practice, but sometimes you get some serious stains in the upholstery or carpets, or need to remove tough salt damage on the rims and car bottom. Our expert Toronto car detailing crew will gladly take care of all such things and bring out your car’s inner shine, making it a real pleasure to look at!

Car Detailing Services TorontoThe results are truly astounding. A car wash to a vehicle is like exercise to the human body, but detailing is the equivalent of a full visit to the SPA, including massages, sauna, and an anti-aging treatment. Of course, detailing is especially recommended before putting the car on sale, as a detailed vehicle can fetch a far better price on the market. Also, when going to special events, such as weddings or anniversaries, you will probably want to have your car brought to the absolute maximum of its appearance potential.

We approach car detailing from top to bottom, inside and out, your vehicle will be washed, vacuumed, steam cleaned, foam scrubbed, waxed and aerated. We know that different types of leather or upholstery materials will require different cleaning agents, brushes and cloth wipes. The same goes for carpets, which will be taken out to be thoroughly cleaned. It is also important to know how to clean and buff plastic and wood dashboard panels, door knobs and chrome fenders. Especially important is the detailing of the exterior paint, because it is the most visible part of the vehicle. Different types of paint finishes will benefit most from different types of wax brushes and cleansing agents. It is a detail specific job that only a caring, passionate professional can do well.

Our Toronto car and auto detailing service has years of experience, perfect know-how and a full array of tools. We will apply foams, agents, vacuum/steam cleaners to ensure that your car will be made dazzlingly beautiful before it’s presented to a buyer or displayed on a social occasion.

If you wish to schedule an appointment, inquire about prices and deals, or find out anything else about us, contact us now. Our Toronto car detailing experts at Diamond Touch Detailing will gladly answer all and any questions you may have!